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English to everyone, everywhere, everytime... thats our prime
Tamil Diction


Founded with countable few enthusiastic blooming developers with varied skills in information technology, idea and experience, headed by Admin, and each contribting the share of Knowledge, and skill resource for developing Tamildiction the best place to gather knowledge for english and tamil equivalents and transalations on the world wide web, while constantly updating the the features and functions to enjoy more flexibility on usage of Tamildiction, and helping the users of tamildiction to benefit of having best english knowledge.


We believe by the colloborative spark of “Learning is easy always” and with togetherness it makes the best blend of sharing knowledge, and thats the drive behind that motivates our team of tamildiction. Tamildiction facilitates the users to take, share and contribute the knowledge, which sure gives the strength and enthusiasm of learning.


Tamildiction is exclusively a platform which was designed for learning, as well as understanding english, for people having tamil as their mother tongue, but we had given the flexilibity in such a way, that everyone can extended their knowledge of english, as comparative study reference or as an quick dictionary to words, definitions and meanings formation of sentence, by the way of prepositions, Verbs, Adjectives and nouns that regularly we come across in practical day to day life. Tamil Diction is constantly updated with more references, examples, to quench your thirst for practicing english via tamil in a simplest and best possible way.


At Tamildiction we encourage working is fun with challenge, and dedication beyond duty. Moreover everyone has the independece to share ideas across the team, an build a competitive edge for providing solutions to practical vs logical approach, as well as to take things sportive to meet the next challenges, which adds a niche to the development of Tamil Diction in all the way useful for the world wide web audience.


Tamil is one of the very few languages having roots of deep prehistoric nature, dating back beyond 16000 BC.



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