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    Affirmative Sentences for bid


    Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense
    I bid I bade I shall/will bid
    We bid We bade We shall/will bid
    You bid You bade You will bid
    He bids He bade He will bid
    She bids She bade She will bid
    It bids It bade It will bid
    They bid They bade They will bid


    Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous
    I am bidding I was bidding I shall/will be bidding
    We are bidding We were bidding We shall/will be bidding
    You are bidding You were bidding You will be bidding
    He is bidding He was bidding He will be bidding
    She is bidding She was bidding She will be bidding
    It is bidding It was bidding It will be bidding
    They are bidding They were bidding They will be bidding


    Present Perfect Past Perfect Future Perfect
    I have bidden I had bidden I shall/will have bidden
    We have bidden We had bidden We shall/will have bidden
    You have bidden You had bidden You will have bidden
    He has bidden He had bidden He will have bidden
    She has bidden She had bidden She will have bidden
    It has bidden It had bidden It will have bidden
    They have bidden They had bidden They will have bidden


    Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous
    I have been bidding I had been bidding I shall/will have been bidding
    We have been bidding We had been bidding We shall/will have been bidding
    You have been bidding You had been bidding You will have been bidding
    He has been bidding He had been bidding He will have been bidding
    She has been bidding She had been bidding She will have been bidding
    It has been bidding It had been bidding It will have been bidding
    They have been bidding They had been bidding They will have been bidding

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